IMS PTSA General Policies

IMS PTSA Board Members and Committee Chairs should be familiar with the IMS PTSA Standing Rules and follow the IMS PTSA General Policies.   Documents mentioned below can be found under Resources/PTSA Forms and Documents.


We are a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit organization and must file returns with Washington State and the Internal Revenue Service. We get audited, so you must follow these accounting procedures. Failure to do so could jeopardize our tax-exempt status and/or our Treasurer may not be able to process your request.


  • Complete an IMS PTSA Reimbursement & Check Request Form for authorized expenses.
  • Attach all receipts to the form and scan/email or mail/deliver to the Treasurer(s) within 60 days of purchase. Make a photocopy for your records.
  • All requests for reimbursement must be received by June 20th or they will be considered a donation to the PTSA.
  • Pay an invoice with a check: Complete an IMS PTSA Reimbursement & Check Request Form to obtain a check to pay for an item or service.
  • Plan ahead and allow 4 weeks to have the check delivered to your or mailed to vendor.


  • A signed, dated IMS PTSA Funds Transfer and Deposit Form must accompany the money collected at an event.
  • For events with significant collection of funds, establish a separate treasurer for the event. Event Treasurer handles and tracks funds and coordinates with the IMS PTSA Treasurer.
  • Have 2 people recount the checks/cash and sign the bottom of the Deposit Form.
  • Make photocopies of the deposit form for your records.
  • Deliver the funds and completed form to the IMS PTSA Treasurer.
  • DO NOT pay any expenses out of the money you have collected.


  • Prepare a IMS PTSA Funds Transfer and Deposit Form  for the amount of start-up cash at least one (1) week before the event. Email or deliver this request to the IMS PTSA Treasurer.
  • The Treasurer will contact you to arrange pick up of the cash and cash boxes prior to your event. You will return the box to her with your deposit when the event is over.
  • When you return your start-up cash, please prepare a separate IMS PTSA Transfer of Funds and Deposit Form with the description “Return of Start-Up Cash”.
  • Do not commingle your start-up cash with the receipts from your event.


  1. All Committee Chairs and Board of Directors (BOD), in compliance with our Standing Rules, must be members in good standing of the Islander Middle School PTSA (IMS PTSA). We are an organization run by members. IMS PTSA Membership dues are paid annually.
  2. Current IMS PTSA membership is required for voice and vote at IMS PTSA meetings, although membership is not required for meeting attendance.
  3. Current PTSA membership enables participation at State, Region and Council workshops, seminars, assemblies and State Convention.
  4. Committee Chairs and Board of Directors should support PTSA programs, activities and decisions. Members should attend and volunteer to support IMS PTSA events.


  1. Along with the Washington State PTA Uniform Bylaws, the IMS PTSA Standing Rules govern the business of the IMS PTSA. The Standing Rules are reviewed and adopted annually by the Membership.
  2. Complete a Building Use Form to use any portion of the Islander Middle School Facility for a PTSA event, if needed. Forms are available at the main office.
  3. Vendor Agreement and WATCH Background checks may be required for any vendors using Islander Middle School’s facilities for PTSA-sponsored events/programs. If unsure of requirement, discuss with the Principals and IMS PTSA Board.
  4. All contracts entered into by IMS PTSA must be signed by two executive officers.
  5. IMS PTSA Standing Rules, ByLaws and Forms for Reimbursement, Funds Deposit, etc. can be found on our website under Resources / PTSA Forms and Documents.


  1. Each Committee Chair should keep a notebook to pass on to succeeding chairs.
  2. Officers and Committee Chairs should use a Budget Planning Form when planning an event. Committee chairs should understand the budget amount that they are approved to use. Anticipated overages need to be approved by the Board and/or discussed with the Executive Committee as noted in the Standing Rules.
  3. After an event/activity is completed, Committee Chairs shall complete End of Year portion of the Budget Planning form and return to the appropriate Vice President. A copy should go in a notebook for use by the next year’s chair for planning purposes. Attach any flyers or other documents pertinent to the event for information.
  4. Vice Presidents and Committee Chairs should plan to meet as needed to prepare for their event/activity.
  5. Each Vice President, Committee Chair or a representative should be at the Back2School event and Welcome Back Coffee to meet PTSA members, explain the particular committee’s responsibilities and sign up volunteers.
  6. It is the Committee Chair’s responsibility to follow-up with the volunteers that signed up to participate on their committee.
  7. Committee Chairs are invited to make a brief presentation about their activity/event at either a Board or General Membership meeting. Contact the President ahead of time to get added to the meeting agenda.
  8. Committee Chairs and/or Vice Presidents are encouraged to use the Islander Middle School monthly Newsletter and e-blasts to publicize their event/activity. They can also use this forum as a means to thank specific volunteers.
  9. When serving food at PTSA events, food handlers should wear protective gloves and follow safe food handling practices.
  10. Be a positive representative of the Islander Middle School PTSA.


  1. Newsletter – To recruit volunteers, promote an event or thank volunteers, submit your article to no later than the last Wednesday of each month. Newsletter is distributed on the first Sunday of each month.
  2. Email Blasts – If your message is short (1-2 subjects) it can be sent as an e-blast. Typical e-blasts include event/activity announcements and event reminders. Submit your simple/direct email message to   E-blasts can also be sent out as grade-level specific emails.
  3. PTSA Website – To publicize an event or update information on our PTSA website, please contact the Webmaster can also create online forms to help collect payment or other data for your event.


  1. PTSA Awards at IMS include the Golden Acorn, the Golden Gator and Outstanding Educator. The PTSA President Elect shall appoint a committee to review nominations and to work with IMS Administration for input on the selection of award winners.
  2. The Awards Committee shall seek input from the IMS community via the newsletter and/or email blasts. JotForm applications can be used and embedded on our website.
  3. The Golden Acorn Award is a national PTA award that recognizes a volunteer for dedication and service to children and youth of our school.
  4. The Golden Gator Award and the Outstanding Educator Award are IMS-specific awards that recognizes staff members for outstanding contributions to the IMS community. This award may also recognize the outstanding contributions of a PTSA volunteer. The IMS Administration team selects the winners for both of these awards – and welcomes input from the PTSA Awards Committee.