IMS Directory

IMS Directories are a benefit of joining the IMS PTSA.  With paid PTSA Membership, you will get Secure Online Access to the IMS PTSA Directory.  Order Now!  Please contact the Directory Chair if you don’t have your access email and password.

Our Directory Making Process

NEW THIS YEAR!  The IMS PTSA Directory will be available Online ONLY! Full directory access is granted with your 2017–18 IMS PTA membership.

The IMS PTSA Directory is on MySchoolAnywhere’s secure site and only accessible with your personal login name and password.  Each family is able to update their personal information and choose which items they want displayed in the online directory.

To ensure that all your data is safe in the cloud, My School Anywhere uses:

  • State of the art security including SSL even on smart phones
  • Unique email login and password including password encryption for families
  • 24 hour secured server monitoring
  • Another added level of security – Street address is not included on reports parents can print

The online IMS PTSA Directory is so handy!

  • Information at your finger tips: access it on your computer, tablet or smart phone
  • Click-to-call, click-to-text and “Map It” are all built in
  • Print out class lists for birthday parties
  • Information is always up to date as it is live and ready for your changes all year long
  • The best part?  It’s GREEN!

Do you have contact information changes?  Mercer Island School District’s RSVP process lets parents verify information online.  Check your Skyward Account now.

Join the PTSA!

The overall purpose of the National PTA is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children at the Federal and State level.  Our Washington State PTA is working hard to advocate for our students at the state level.  Each membership equals one vote.  Join PTSA today!

IMS PTSA Membership Levels:

  • Individual PTSA Membership ($20) = 1 Vote and secure access to the Online PTSA Directory
  • Family PTSA Membership ($30) = 2 Votes and secure access to the Online PTSA Directory
  • 2 Adults @ Different Households ($40) = 2 Votes and secure access to the Online PTSA Directory