Fundraising FAQ

Fundraising at IMS benefits two groups, the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) and the Association of the Student Body (ASB).

Our ability as parents to contribute to these groups directly affects the educational and social aspects of our children’s experience at IMS. Every child benefits from these programs, so our expectation is that all families should donate to the best of their individual financial situation.

What is the difference between PTSA and ASB?

The PTSA is a non-profit organization managed by a Board of Directors. It is a self-governing membership group, meaning that anyone can become a member.

The Association of the Student Body (ASB) operates under the umbrella the IMS/Mercer Island School District budget, but our community’s additional fundraising allows for enrichment and activities beyond what the district would be able to provide (see below for details.)

Donations to both groups are managed together and disbursed through the IMS PTSA budget.

What does each group provide?

The PTSA’s purpose is to serve the needs of our members in promoting the health, welfare, safety and education of our IMS students. The single biggest line item in the PTSA budget ($60,000) funds additional learning support in our IMS classrooms. Other monies fund grants submitted by IMS teachers and staff for special programs, assemblies, and professional development.

With few exceptions, nearly all of the events and activities funded by PTSA and benefitting students and teachers/staff happen within the school day, on school premises. Events for parents generally take place in evenings. With the benefit of PTSA funds and volunteer time, activities include but are not limited to:

  • We All Belong (WEB) leader and teacher training
  • Classroom and Student Funds
  • Emergency Preparedness packs
  • Supply Room support
  • Parent Education/Parent Peer Group support

 The ASB provides enrichment to IMS students beyond the regular school curriculum offerings.  These after school clubs, sports teams, art projects, student center funds and special assemblies provide our student population to additional, meaningful experiences.  They can participate in sports that are “no-cut”, they can seek help with classwork in homework center and they can try their hand at artistic endeavors.

  • Assemblies
  • After school clubs:  Drama, Art, Chess, Running, Golf, Gators Go Green
  • Sports:  Cross-country, Volleyball, Wrestling and Track
  • Buses for field trips and sports events
  • Enrichment Days (after spring MSP testing)
  • Student Center
  • School Socials

 How much money is raised?

The PTSA’s 2015-2016 budgeted revenue of $256,124 will be funded primarily by the PTSA/ASB suggested donation (about $159,000),  PTSA Membership Dues ($19,000), Spirit Wear Sales ($20,000) as well as an Island Books night and corporate matching gifts.

The total ASB budget this year will be roughly $70,000. The primary source of these funds is through a portion of the Fall PTSA suggested donation. Without these donations, the offerings and experiences that students receive while at Islander Middle School would be greatly reduced.